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1967 MGB GT - Norm & Pat Ridgely
Grampian Grey/Black & Red, Built 3/8/67
200K+/44k miles since restored; Purchased 6/13/2003.
OD, A/C,2000CC, mild cam, roller rockers,
Future Plans- 5 spd tran.

Car originally purchased in California by USAF officer; He had it for 17 yrs. In Feb. 1984 car was purchased by Paul Johnson of Ohio who died in 1994 after starting restoration in Oct. 1994. Car then purchased by Hank Rippert, Chairman of New England MGT registry, who completed the restoration. We purchased in June 2003.

Great Touring car, semi-daily driver.

1972 MGB Roadster - Ray Pollock
Aqua/Navy Blue, Built 12/22/71
45,327, Purchased 2006
 Hard Plastic Tonneau

"My wife thinks it was her birthday gift" ..
(it was my Bday gift..:-)

1969 Jaguar E-Type 2+2 - Saul Klein

Warwick Gray/Black

78K miles, Acquired Dec 2014 (Gift from son, Ross)
One-Owner, 4-spd, Factory A/C
Re-sprayed 2009, other all original ..


Hope to drive, drive, drive.. FUN!!

1958 MGA - Ken & Betty Gregory
Orange Red/Black,
74K milles, Purchased 2004
Original, but restored 1979

Hope to make project of repainting and reassembling, when/if I retire ..

What The - - - - !!! - Dave Alexander

The MGB GT’s name is “Patches”, (formerly “Raggedy Anne” renamed the week before the photo shoot) for obvious reasons. She is a collection of parts from 1965, 1968, 1973, 1979  and smaller bits from???? years/models  MG.

The story behind the arrow ... BTW it has not been painted over yet:
At last month's Photo Shoot event, remember we had some members turn around because they did not see us on the field. So I took the GT, parked it at the front circle and "spray painted" that arrow sign to give them some direction. I had the spray can with me figuring I might have to park at the entrance to the park, and do the same.

1966 MGB - Larry & Nancy Dyal
Dark Met. BRG/Black, Built 1965
249,500 miles, Purchased New 1965
Mostly original, Detatchable hard top
Daily driver over 20 years ..
1980 MGB LE - Linda Knoblock
Black/Tan, Built 1979
Purchased 2001
New steering wheel, convertible top, paint job, tires and a few mechanical adjustments. Drive & Enjoy!!
My car formerly belonged to Lee Molet, who left his car at our repair/paint shop for a number of years. Upon returning back to the states, I begged him for it! We painted one of his other vehicles and the MG was mine!!


1978 MGB - Diane & Pat Grassick
Carmine Red/Biscuit, Built 9/1977
61,000 miles, Purchased Since New!
Weber carburetor, leather upholstery, gas strut trunk lifts, various "Trim" items

When we moved to the USA, Diane couldn't get a credit card at either Lord&Taylors or Macy's, so we bought a new car - our 1978 MGB,  and borrowed $5000 from United Jersey Bank to establish our credit rating ... cards were immediately issued and we had a new car ... decades later, we still have it!

In 1996, "Lil Red" was restored (body only) by Rick Carroll restorations. Surprisingly only two panels had rust. These were cut out & a new trunk lid installed. We had purchased a new leather interior several years earlier so we let the "Pros" install it ... instead of the "home installed" project that I had been putting off for several years ..

1958 MGA - Richard & Jo-Ann Jensen
Old English White/Honey Tan, Purchased 1983
Restored in 2006 by me. MGB engine, electronic ignition, alternator, wire mesh grill, luggage rack, driving light, fog light, a few "other" goodies
Future Plans- maybe if I retire I will restore another car-

Spent 15 years in spare time restoring the MGA, off & on.. did all work myself ... the car was moved in pieces from one house to storage, then to another house with new garage we built. Owned a MGB for years while the MGA was under construction.. MGB was sold in 2009 ..

1967 MGB - Helen Kingston
British Racing Green/Black Purchased 1999
5-spd Transmission (recently)
Many years ago when I learned to drive my parents bought me a 1967 MGB. I loved that car and drove the roads of Long Island, New York.

For my 50th Birthday (11 years ago), my wonderful husband gave me a surprise party. If the party wasn’t enough, they roasted me. After many laughs and teary-eyed testimonies from so many family and friends – it was Frank’s turn.  I had no idea what he was about to say. And with that pause, he said, “This wonderful lady has given up a lot over the years - giving to me and our two children and it was time now to give back to Helen what she has missed all these years.” What was he thinking? What could he possibly give to me? With that, he took my hand and asked me to come with him.  We walked out to our driveway and under spotlights there was a British Racing Green 1967 MGB completely restored. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Of course, I broke down with happy tears!!!!!!!!! Well, that was 11 years this past May and I am still marveling each time I drive her. I feel like the 17 year old who used to cruise the roads on Long Island.

Best part of having my MG in FL and not LI – top can be down 99% of the time and I don’t have to ever worry about getting rid of her because our family has out grown her!  

1959 Triumph TR3A - Brian & Ginny Mitchell
White/Red, Built 10/23/1958
52,000 miles, Purchased in 1973
Seat belts, Hi-torque starter
Future - Finish 1969 Morris Traveler

Bought the TR in 1973 (couldn't find an inexpensive Healey), drove it for a year, flat-towed it to NH where it sat for six years while I was in Europe. Started restoration on 1980, flat-towed it to Florida in 1983, finished chassis, suspension and drive train in 1986. used it as a big storage shelf for all manner of garage items until 2006 when Ginny asked "Are you ever going to finish the triumph- it's been a quarter century since you started!" Color me embarrassed and enthused! Got rid of some American iron (numbers matching three owner '68 Camaro) and got going again on the TR. Finished it in December 2007 - Nearly 28 years after starting! .... You just can't rush (good) things...
1977 MGB - Pam & Ed Price
Red/Black Purchased in 1999
Car has .040 overbore, a Weber 2 barrel which was on it when I bought it and is otherwise stock. I did body work and it has a $700 Maaco paint job. I did interior with Moss parts.

Bought the car from a lady dentist in Cocoa Beach in 1999. I had purchased a 1970 B at Pam’s urging , after not having a LBC for some years. It was a rust bucket, so when I saw this car with minimal rust I bought it. I ran it for 2 years and then the engine gave out. ( Bearings were shot and cam was beat to death.) With help from Rick Ostman I rebuilt the engine. Actually I helped him. Pam and I enjoy our MG and really like being part of our club.  If I had know about the club before I purchased this car, I would have been able to get more information on LBC's and probably would have purchased a better (more expensive) car, instead of making the classic mistake of buying cheap and then having to fix it up.


1977 MGB - Sharon & John Spadaro
Dark Green w/autumn interior, Date built: Aug. 1976
Total Miles: 85000, Purchased 1992

Mods: Weber carb, interior modifications, rebuilt  personally in 2009.
Future: I would love to have another LBC, but I have one car that runs and looks good. It gets all my attention.
Went to an auto show at Miami Beach Convention Center in 1969. Saw an MGB and since then I have always wanted to own one. It only took me 23 years!! My MG's name is Andy since she is a refugee of Hurricane Andrew. I drive Andy almost every day.

1979 Midget 1500 - Len Coppold
1980 MGB - Betty & Ken Gregory
1977 MGB - Pat & Al Allen
1967 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage - Kathy & Randy Pollner
1948 MG YA - Tom Bowman
1953 MG TD - Shirley Downs
1959 A/H Bugeye Sprite - Mike Euziere
1973 MGB GT - Ben Stone & Danica Perhacs
1974 MGB - Danica Perhacs & Ben Stone
1970 MGB GT - Len Coppold
Painted Jaguar Amaranth in 2010
1974 MGB - Christian Haveraas
1970 MGB - Len Coppold
Currently for sale
1969 MGC GT - Frank Kingston
Currently undergoing restoration
MG TF V8 Special - Art Floyd
MGB GT V8 - Art Floyd
MG TC - Art Floyd
1976 MGB - Dave Alexander
1969 Morris Minor Traveler - Brian Mitchell
The Morris Traveller was purchased two summers ago as , hopefully, our summer NH car to leave there over the winter so we can fly up instead of driving each year.  It could have been  a frog-eye sprite but the guy couldn't locate all of the partially disassembled Austin and the Moggie appeared to by all there.  Well, it wasn't; boy is there a lot of rust on this thing.  It is presently in the disassembly phase of restoration (pieces occasionally fall off in the garage) and is awaiting inspiration ($$$$) for the next phase.  Haven't decided yet whether or not I'll try to stuff my spare TR3 motor in it or hunt up a 1275 mill.  The 1098 is just a bit under powered.


P. W. Elliott


Jaguar XK